This site is here to help. We offer advice to help you choose the right Tuner for your vehicle
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The easiest way to find a Trusted Tuner to remap your vehicle All our Trusted Tuners are fully vetted and proven to provide great services!

Who We Are

ECU Tuning is a safe and affordable vehicle upgrade when performed by remapping expert.
Trusted Tuners are here to help you find the right professional remapping expert to tune your vehicle.
All approved Trusted Tuners are IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) certified, use genuine licensed tools and provide ISO 9001 accredited and fully insured tuning files.
Trusted Tuners also adhere to best practice to ensure a safe and reliable performance upgrade.
Trusted Tuners offers advice from how to spot the cowboys using unlicenced cheap Chinese cloned equipment to what questions you should ask the tuner before agreeing to let them work on your vehicle.

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Trusted Tuners

ECU Tuning / Remapping

Most modern vehicles contain an ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that is effectively a small computer which controls how the engine works. The ECU contains maps and data tables which control the engine operating parameters such as turbo boost, injection timing etc. Vehicle manufacturers use a standard setting to cover all environments, usages, fuel quality and to ensure the vehicle meets emmissions standards wherever the vehicle is sold. Remapping is basically the modification/replacement of the manufacturers default software on a vehicles ECU.

Why Trusted Tuners?

The remapping world is largely unregulated with every tuner claiming to be the best. By choosing a Trusted Tuner to remap your vehicle you can be safe in the knowledge that your custom remap will be performed by a professional, experienced technician that will get the most out of your engine in terms of performance and economy and all within safe limits for your engine. There is a growing number of Tuners that use cheap Chinese cloned tools that can cause irrepairable damage to your vehicle. We are here to help you avoid these tuners and find a Trusted Tuner to work on your Vehicle.

Other Services

Many of our Trusted Tuners also offer other Services, from Engine diagnostics, Carbon Cleaning, DPF cleaning to full Garage services including Servicing Repairs and M.O.T's Please look at the Trusted Tuner page in your area to see the services they provide.