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Established in 2006, FlashRemapping are Viezu’s largest and most well established vehicle tuners in London and the South East of England. Offering a mobile or garage based service FlashRemapping can offer all levels of remapping for a wide variety of Cars, Vans, Lorries and Motorhomes.

Ecu Remapping is the generic term for the tuning of a vehicle by alteration of the data held within a vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU).

In the old days cars had mechanical ignition systems often referred to as points and plugs but as electronic fuel injection became more and more popular the control of this system has become more and more controlled by the ECU.

The exact delivery of precise amounts of fuel and the timing of the ignition is controlled by the ECU - It also monitors the engine via a number of sensors to make sure the vehicle is performing correctly - Sensors such as the Mass Air Flow Meter ( MAF) informs the ECU how much air is coming through the air filter, The Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor ( MAP) informs the ECU of the pressure at the inlet manifold and there are a whole raft of other sensors that will affect how the car runs.

It is the Job of the ECU to deliver the correct amount of air and fuel into the combustion chamber at the correct time for the spark.

Modern ECUs have a chip that contains the information in maps and data tables that affect the running of the running of the engine.

This is where our ECU Remapping will come in - Vehicles are sold throughout the world with one general set-up that makes no allowance for fuel quality, atmospheric pressure or even the way it will be driven and for what reason, the ECU is set up to cope in all conditions, I like to think of this as the lowest common denominator - You can also think of this as say a Marks and Spencer's suit off the peg, while you can choose the chest and waist measurement like choosing model and engine type, to get the very best fit from your suit you will need it tailored,

Here at FlashRemapping we offer tailor made ECU remapping for you and your driving style and needs - Small tweaks to the fuelling, boost, torque limiters etc. will give you a vehicle that can be more powerful, smoother, have better throttle response and in today's world most importantly more economical.