ECU Tuning is a safe and affordable vehicle upgrade if done by a professional. Trusted Tuners are here to help you find the right professional remapping expert to tune your vehicle. Trusted Tuners offer advice on how to spot the cowboys using unlicensed cheap Chinese cloned equipment and what questions you should ask the tuner before agreeing to let them work on your vehicle.

Hints and Tips

Many so-called tuners cut corners by using cloned equipment that is no longer in license by the manufacturer.
The tools above are genuine tools 

The tools above are Clones

To the trained eye the difference is easy to spot, but if you are in any doubt you can also ask your tuner to open the software (K-Suite) on their computer while connected to the internet and let it update: You should see a late version of software, bottom left of screen 2.32 or later. Cloned tools will run on earlier hacked software versions.

Finally to check if the tool is in license click on the "info" button - the last line on the pop-up screen will show the expiry date.

The tuning industry has for many years been largely unregulated and trustworthiness is based on personal feedback. Now the Institute of the Motor Industry ("IMI") has a qualification available. All Trusted Tuners are IMI certified and documentation is available on request.

Many stories come from the shadier side of the tuning world saying a guy came out has created problems with the vehicle and now doesn't answer the mobile number they had. Quite simply check the tuner's website for an address and phone number. You may also want to check the company on Companies House website.

Again this question is self-explanatory. A quality tuner will possess at least one, but probably many diagnostic tools. The vehicle should be tested for mechanical faults through diagnostics, preferably before AND after the remapping.  

Many bargain basement tuners will use software (files) of unknown quality and origin that can be bought on CDs from popular auction sites. A quality file will be written based on the software read directly from your vehicle's ECU and tuned to known safe parameters. All Trusted Tuners use software that is ISO9001 accredited, covered by £5million underwritten insurance, offering a minimum  7 day money back guarantee.

When an ECU has to be removed from a vehicle to be tuned on the bench, contacts need to be made directly on to the PCB board. Soldering wires can leave blemishes on the board if not performed by an expert which could lead to ECU failure.  Trusted Tuners use custom made probes that make the connection without leaving marks on the PCB board and all ECU's are re-sealed to original condition.

When tuning the ECU while still in the vehicle via the OBD port the vehicle's battery has to be supported - during the process the battery should not drop below 11.3v.  Below this level the data on the ECU may become corrupt and irrecoverable.

These are acceptable methods of battery support:

These are definitely not acceptable:

If a tuner is using generic software there is always the possibility they won't take a copy of the software on your ECU before writing a modified file. All Trusted Tuners will keep the original software from your car and will return to stock within the "money back" period or after that as desired (a small fee may apply).

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